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Cat Names*
  for the queen who is pert, capricious, frolicsome, moody; she plays the coquette to gain human attention, frisks at weather changes and thunder, becomes irritable and demanding is she cannot remain the center of attention.

  for a queen who is timid, frisky and shy; she dislikes company and will flee at the sight of strangers; her owner will be able to win her trust only with great effort and patience; she needs to be steadied and brought down to earth.

  for a queen who is of shifting moods; she will assume a regal air, then wax kittenshly playful; she will sulk for an hour or two, fall asleep, and wake wide-eyed and innocent, forgetful of presumed insults.

  for a queen who is playful, affectionate and kittenish all her life, although she kindles many kittens, these she hides with great mystery in odd places, presenting them afterwards to her human friend with a show of triumph and pride in her achievement.



Billy Winker
  for a tom who is winsome, mischievous, easily frightened, often foolish; he stalks prey assiduously, but will turn around and run when he gets too close to his quarry.

Melsh Dick
  for a tom who is swift and silent as a sprite, always appearing unexpectedly or spying on his human friends from hidden peepholes; he is disobedient, cheerful and heedless; he causes many minor calamities; he lobes the night, and he loves to be vocal in it.

  for a tom who is playful, foolish and unable to acquire the usual feline skills, he cannot climb, unless if be to the window-ledge, where he spends most of his time, he is prone to absurd mishaps and accidents which are seldom serious, he cannot hunt, but will run after butterflies.

  for a tom who is phlegmatic, plodding, patient, he will insist on attempting what he knows he is incapable of , and has often to be rescued from treetops and other heights, he will always flee from a fight, though other toms seek to waylay him.

*taken from Cat Spells: Cat Magic Through the Ages by Claire Nahmad

coming soon.......... more names